Thursday, September 3, 2009

Attention Coffee Drinkers!

Order Sumatra Gayo/Supreme Necropolis from Blue Bottle Coffee, San Francisco's best coffee!

In 2008, Doug Dorst added another layer to the already-rich canon of San Francisco-area detective fiction with Alive in Necropolis. This year’s selection for One City One Book, “Alive,” is less about the formulaic search for who did it, and more about the ones doing it, and the ghosts watching. Yes, ghosts.

But what does it have to do with Sumatra? Sumatra, as a coffee origin, is like the proverbial detective novel. Many people drink it because they associate it with certain known qualities: “Rich” and “bold,” as if the coffee was a dashing oil magnate tooling around town in his new convertible. To be fair, the Gayo Supreme is big-bodied and blunt-nosed. But just as Chandler really wrote about why people would kill more than the fact that they did, this particular Sumatran coffee is really more about nuance. Raisins, port, and the sweet earthiness of the candy cap mushroom all ooze out of this coffee. For the full experience, we urge you to try it with the blueberry cornmeal donut that Dynamo Donuts is baking for One City One Book. $1 from every pound sold will be donated to the One City One Book program, so drink up!

Sumatra FTO Gayo Supreme
Location: Takengon, Aceh Tengah, Indonesia
Altitude: 1300-1900 meters
Varietal: 80% Hybrido da Timor, 20% Typica
Processing Method: Wet-Hulled Process/ Semi-Washed
Certifications: FairTrade, Organic
*Cooperative: Koperasi Baitul Giradh Baburrayyan
*Number of growers:6,700 farmer members

Order some right now!

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